Atago Shop

Fermier’s Atago Shop proudly offers nearly 200 varieties of cheese all year round.
Cheeses are all air-shipped every week directly from Paris, Milan, and many more mostly European locations to bring you the freshest seasonal cheese flavors and tastes.

In addition to these delicious cheeses, there are great selections of fine quality olive oil products, pastas, and other foods which are available only in Fermier’s shop.

Handy cheese knives, cheese cutting boards, and cheese books are always popular gift items for the gourmet.Inside the shop, customers can sample cheeses over the counter.

Fermier’s cheese experts are happy to offer advice and suggestions so that customers can make the best selections to enjoy the ideal cheese coupled with the perfect wine and main dish.

Cheeses are available for custom-cutting above 100 grams.

If anyone wishes to join our Members Club, you can soon start receiving a 10% shopping discount, plus many other special benefits.

Cheeses can be overnighted anywhere in Japan, so please feel free to ask shop attendants for more information.

In the Salon space of Fermier’s Atago shop, visitors can order assorted plates of cheese, glasses of wine, and real Italian espresso and cappuccino from the menu. Why don’t you drop by and entertain yourself in the Salon with a glass of wine and the exquisite variety of cheeses recommended daily by the Fermier’s in-house experts?
The Atago area is known as an oasis in the world’s busiest city of Tokyo, surrounded by greenery, trees, and tranquility. Fermier’s Atago shop can be the ideal spot for a rendezvous.The Salon is also a venue for lots of on-going fun-filled events for club members. Look for the event schedule on our website.

Access Information

(Adress) 1F Atago AS Building,1-5-3 Atago,Minato-Ku,Tokyo  Googleマップ
(Tel) 03-5776-7720
(Shop Hours) 12:00 – 19:00
(Regular Holiday) Sunday, National Holiday, New Year holidays, Summer Holiday