Shibuya Shop

Fermier’s Shibuya Shop is located in Tokyu Foodshow, one of the most popular and exciting shopping scenes in Tokyo for high quality food and beverages.

Tokyu Foodshow is located in the basement floor of the Shibuya Tokyu Department Store, which is directly connected to Shibuya Station’s terminal building.

Because of this convenient location, thousands of happy shoppers come by every day for great cheese at Fermier.

A wine and Japanese sake shop is located right next to Fermier, so lots of customers enjoy consulting Fermier’s shop attendants for smart advice on the best matches of cheeses and main courses, then pairing these with alcoholic beverages almost instantaneously.

Walking around Tokyu Foodshow, it’s easy to plan for wonderful meals and appetizers with Fermier cheese as the perfect accent. Fermier’s staff are happy to arrange attractive gift packages for our customers’ different needs, so feel free to ask. There are weekly and monthly recommended cheeses available, and shoppers can get extra benefits when Tokyu Department Store conducts in-store promotions for the entire food court. Please come by and find us at the Fermier shop in Tokyu Foodshow.

Access Information

(Adress) B1F Tokyu Toyoko Store, 2-24-1,Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo  Googleマップ
(Tel/Fax) 03-3477-4602
(Shop Hours) 10:00 – 21:00
(Regular Holiday) ※For more information phone 03-3477-3111